Changing Homosexuality or Suppressing the Self?

Years After Resigning in Disgrace, Archbishop Speaks Out –

This piece from the New York Times contains a few very large issues to ponder. I can’t necessarily speak to all of them in this blog entry but will raise them at least. Over the next week, I hope to write a blog entry for each question. But weigh in- let me know what you think- leave a comment.

1) The organized Church’s role in maintaining the status quo. Who is benefitted by the status quo?

2) Do people change their sexual orientation or simply suppress their real selves and delude themselves about who they are and/or their orientation?

3) The problem of understanding God as a “loving God” when there are so many homosecxuals.

4) What is the nature of a faith journey?

I think the last 2 are the most interesting of the topics for me, however, all 4 are big and there can be valid or thoughtful viewpoints from divergent opinions.

Years After Resigning in Disgrace, Archbishop Speaks Out –

Toledo Bishop Bans Dissident ‘New Ways Ministry’ to Gays – Catholic Online

The link below is to, so expect the tone of the article to be anti-gay, but it is a good read nonetheless. The article describes how the Bishop Blair forced a pro-gay catholic group, New Way Ministries from using a local convent for a workshop. The group has been cited for failing to provide the full catholic teachig on homosexuality which includes “the intrinsic evil of homosexual acts and the objective disorder of the homosexual inclination.”

I’m posting it here, because I am struck by the faith and tenacity of the groups director, Francis DeBernardo. Bernardo has promised that his pro-homosexual workshop will take place in Toledo, saying “We might not be able to use a Catholic facility, but we’ll reach Catholic people.”

It is often easy for GLBTQ christians to just walk away from the church. For some, not so easy- they stay despite their opposition to the church’s teachings, and lead a double life, or may be in the closet to the church. Others leave and find a more accepting congregation like the MCC, but most just leave and lose their faith. I have much respect for those who work to change the Church, even in small ways- even when it seems unchangeable. In this, are lessons about true faith and conviction!

Toledo Bishop Bans Dissident ‘New Ways Ministry’ to Gays – Catholic Online.